ITSGIS. Routes is intended for creation and search of routes, their display on an electronic city map. The system is addition to the main module of a geoinformation system ITSGIS.

System allows operating with the following types of routes:

  • routes of transportation of dangerous loads;
  • routes of transportation of children;
  • routes of public transport;
  • optimum routes of movement on an individual transport.

The system allows to create routes taking into account features of creation of each type of routes and different optimum criterions:

  • minimum distance;
  • minimum time of journey;
  • minimization of possible time delays;
  • minimum complexity of overcoming of a route;
  • the minimum expansion of a route with restriction on complexity of overcoming of each section of a route;
  • minimum accident rate.

For creation of a route, it is necessary to enter a route name, type, the significance, a sort and type of the transport moving on a route.

It is required to specify initial and final point of a route, and select optimum criterion for search of an optimum way.

In "ITSGIS. Routes" provides possibility of preparation of reports on routes, and compilation of the general summary list.

ITSGIS is own development of the «SPC «Intelligent Transport Systems». Several certificates on the state registration of the computer program is received on system: No. 2010614326 «Geoinformation system ITSGIS», No. 2011616028 «ITSGIS. Accounting of the territories», No. 2011616027 «ITSGIS. Dislocation of road signs», etc.

The ribbon interface is developed for convenient operation with desktop front end application. On the main workspace of an application window, the electronic city map is located. There are "Pointer", "Ruler", "Scaling", "Relocation" tools on the main tab. Relocation on a card is carried out by means of map "drag and drop" by the pointing device or by using mini-map in the application window lower right corner. Scaling of a map provided by means of a line of scales in the upper right corner, or by means of a mouse wheel.

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