ITSGIS. The dislocation of barriers provides an automated dislocation, editing and display on a road network of pedestrian safety barriers and transport barriers. Summary lists and reports based on information on the set objects, being stored in a database, are created. Moreover, plug-in provides possibility of their export to different text editors.

The most productive instrument for ensuring of passive safety are the road barriers, used for the direction and division of traffic and pedestrian flows.

The geoinformation system "ITSGIS" intended for collection, storage, processing, displaying and distribution of data on objects and processes of transport infrastructure is used for visualization of process of a dislocation of controlling objects. Need of the accounting of a road barriers dislocation on an electronic map in geoinformation system "ITSGIS" is dictated not so much by the need of the accounting of all semantic information on these objects, as possibility of "ITSGIS" to carry out the intellectual analysis of migration of pedestrian flows. Installation of any new controlling or controlled object on the road network, provided in the ITSGIS, allows the user researcher to evaluate or predict a transport situation on city streets most visually.

System "ITSGIS The dislocation of barriers" allows to solve all problems concerned with installation and editing of a road barrier, and all information on it. it is possible to change location and geometry, to provide monitoring for the set barrier. The summary list with possibility of filtering in different parameters is automatically created.

All interesting reports on the set barriers with different information: expansion, quantity of sections, height, etc., are automatically created by results of a dislocation.

Such important factor as retaining power is considered. Levels of retaining power of barriers select taking into account a level of complexity of road conditions for sections of highways and bridge constructions both for the city, and for routes (according to all-Union State Standard P 52289-2004).

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