Plug-in "ITSGIS. Dislocation of traffic lights" is addition to the main module of the ITSGIS, intended for a dislocation of traffic lights and traffic light objects on an electronic map, accounting of the set objects, creation of programs of traffic light cycles.

The system gives opportunities to the user on operation with traffic lights and traffic light objects on an electronic map of the city. The possibility of combining of traffic lights in traffic light objects is provided. For every traffic light and traffic light object there is the stock card containing extensive information: type of the controlling equipment, traffic light groups, the address. It is implemented the possibility of creation of programs of the traffic light cycles defining an operation mode of traffic light object.

Information on the set traffic lights is provided both on an electronic card, and in summary lists.

The protection of user data against illegal access is provided. The system has the user-friendly interface, allowing even inexperienced user to work with it.

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