It is the geoinformation system (GIS) including an electronic map and an automated information data system, ensuring functioning with spatial features – road signs. The system is addition to the main module of a geoinformation system "ITSGIS".

The system allows to complete following tasks:

  • location of road signs on an electronic map of the city with validation of installation of spatial feature;
  • editing of object set on an electronic map of the city and information on it;
  • change of location and the direction of the set object;
  • monitoring of the objects set on a road network;
  • creation of summary lists and reports on the set objects.

The road sign is dislocated on an electronic map according to all-Union State Standard P 52289-2004 "Traffic control devices". Road signs specified in the form of point feature with semantic information.

The system allows to dislocate signs on the following types of support:

  • independent;
  • support bracket;
  • lamppost;
  • support extension;

The module, which ensures functioning with the detailed summary list of road signs for the account and monitoring of road signs is developed.

The summary list is necessary for viewing information about:

  • all set signs;
  • signs and the supports set on the certain street;
  • signs of bad quality which are subject to changeover;
  • signs inappropriate to all-Union State Standard, etc.
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