ITSGIS. Accounting of intensity

ITSGIS. The accounting of intensity is intended for storage, processing and displaying of information on intensity of transport flows on a road network of an electronic map in "ITSGIS". The system is a subsystem of the intelligent transport system and can be used as separate program unit.

ITSGIS. The accounting of intensity allows displaying of data on intensity on a map in a number of ways:

  • in the form of a point with a binding to it numerical value of intensity and measurement date;
  • in the form of lines of different thickness depending on value of intensity;
  • in the form of a point or the line different colors according to color gradation by value of intensity;
  • combined method whereby value of intensity influences both color, and thickness of characters.

There is the tool developed for the Android and iOS platforms, which gives the chance to use most of mobile devices for information adding in system. Using this tool allow counting quantity of vehicles of different types in unit of time with type specifying. It also make the chance to mark the road network section on which data acquisition was carried out, and specify a time of acquisition. Possibility of import of the data, which are storing in other formats, for example, the MS Excel files, is provided.

Export of collected data to systems of the neuronetwork analysis provides:

  • prediction of future intensity and accident risk;
  • local control of traffic flows at the intersection;
  • creation of optimum structure of a traffic light cycle;
  • creation of optimum transport routes;
  • creation of routes for transport of dangerous loads;
  • development of patterns of road traffic engineering;
  • analysis of a status of model of road network and transport infrastructure;
  • optimization of movement of public municipal transit and commercial carrier, etc.
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