ITSGIS. Accounting of road accident

It is a geoinformation system, which is a part of the intelligent transport system developed in «SPC «Intelligent transport systems». It is a plug-in to the main module of the ITSGIS.

The geoinformation system allows to watch an accident risk on an electronic map and helps to make decisions on improving safety on the most dangerous sections of the city.

System offers the possibilities:

  • road accident dislocation on an electronic map based on a road accident card;
  • searching for accident clusters in the city;
  • road accidents and accident clusters displaying on the city map;
  • browsing statistics about accident cluster;
  • printing of any formats of different summary lists: road accidents, participants of road accidents, vehicles and accident clusters;

One of the main functions of system is a fast and easy dislocation of road accident on a city map. Data are filled in according to a road accident card. Since process of a dislocation of new road accidents is frequent procedure, the interface of system is designed so that to reduce time delays as much as possible.

Browsing of dislocated road accidents with possibility of filtering in all entered parameters is implemented in this program. Function of dislocated road accidents reporting is also implemented. The format of reports can change.

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