ITSGIS. Accounting of the territories

It ensuring functioning with spatial features of city infrastructure – sections of the fixed territories. Plug-in intended for automation of operations that deal with accounting of the territories of city infrastructure, based on a geoinformation system.

The system improve efficiency of activities of administrative departments of the city in the area of accounting of fixed territories due to:

  • automations of work activities of acquisition and storage of information, planning and the analysis of the existing fixed urban areas;
  • economic justification of an expenditure of budgetary funds of the city on the maintenance of the territories of the city district;
  • supporting of an administration with the complete, reliable, operational and detailed information about the fixed territories.

ITSGIS. The accounting of the territories allows:

  • to distinguish the territories of responsibility of the organizations;
  • to store history of the fixed territories for some years;
  • to carry out the analysis of the unfixed territories;
  • to consider the territories which aren't subject to fixing.

ITSGIS. The accounting of the territories allows to solve problems of ordering of the territories of city infrastructure, geographical binding and display of objects on an electronic map of the city, storage of information about a status of objects

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