Geoinformation system ITSGIS

ITSGIS is a geoinformation system (GIS) with the multi-layer electronic map of the city, allowing to operate with different spatial features of city infrastructure (houses, roads, road signs, traffic lights, lamp posts, fixed territories, public transport stops, transport routes, etc.), specialized spatial features (road accident, places of concentration of road accident, places of the roadway maintenance works, etc.).

ITSGIS system intended for automation of operations that deal with accounting of objects of city infrastructure, based on a geoinformation system. ITSGIS allows you to:

  • display maps of widespread formats;
  • edit a map by means of basic graphics primitive;
  • flexibly set up the user interface;
  • develop the various modules ("plug-ins") expanding functionality of system.

There is an assignment of access privileges of users based on implementation of spatial roles in system: some users is only able to view information, whereas others users possess the right of data modification. Access rights defined with both an access layer, and area on a map.

Additional software modules (plug-ins) expand functionality of system and allow working with specialized spatial features – point, linear and polygon geometries on an electronic map with the semantic information attached to them.

The system consists of the main application and additional attached modules – plug-ins:

GIS ITSGISCore of a system and the instrument of viewing of a map with the placed objects, with possibility of enable/disable of layers, zooming, printing of an electronic map. It ensures multi-user functioning, execution of spatial queries, assignment of access privileges, compression, encoding, selection of spatial data.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Editor of establishing shot It allows editing establishing shot of a city map, i.e. to specify a binding of spatial features to their text address description, to edit references of areas, settlements, regions, streets, houses, highways, intersections, etc.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Editor of geometriesIt provides editing of all types of spatial features, their styles of display and transformation parameters (rotation, relocation, etc.).

Plug-in ITSGIS. Accounting of the territories ITSGIS. Accounting of the territories allows you:

  • to distinguish the territories of responsibility of the organizations;
  • to store history of the fixed territories for some years;
  • to carry out the analysis of the unfixed territories;
  • to consider the territories which aren't subject to fixing.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Accounting of road accidentThe geoinformation system allows to watch an accident risk on an electronic map and helps to make decisions on improving safety on the most dangerous sections of the city.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Accounting of intensity Accounting of intensity is intended for storage, processing and displaying of information on intensity of transport flows on a road network of an electronic map in ITSGIS.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Dislocation of road signs It is the geoinformation system (GIS) including an electronic map and an automated information data system, ensuring functioning with spatial features – road signs. The system is addition to the main module of a geoinformation system ITSGIS.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Dislocation of traffic lights The system gives opportunities to the user on operation with traffic lights and traffic light objects on an electronic map of the city.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Dislocation of barriers The dislocation of barriers provides an automated dislocation, editing and display on a road network of pedestrian safety barriers and transport barriers. Summary lists and reports based on information on the set objects, being stored in a database, are created. Moreover, plug-in provides possibility of their export to different text editors.

Plug-in ITSGIS. Info (iGIS)It is a geoinformation system, which is a part of the intelligent transport system developed in «SPC «Intelligent transport systems». It is a plug-in to the main module of the ITSGIS. The geoinformation system allows to make actual information on the organizations and the city enterprises

Plug-in ITSGIS. Dislocation of stops ITSGIS. Dislocation of stops is addition to the main module of a geoinformation system "ITSGIS" and allows to create and process spatial features of transport infrastructure of the city – a stop of public transport, for the account them on an electronic city map.

ITSGIS. Routes is intended for creation and search of routes, their display on an electronic city map. The system is addition to the main module of a geoinformation system "ITSGIS".

System allows operating with the following types of routes:

  • routes of transportation of dangerous loads;
  • routes of transportation of children;
  • routes of public transport;
  • optimum routes of movement on an individual transport.

ITSGIS is an own development of the «SPC «Intelligent Transport Systems». Several certificates on the state registration of the computer program is received on system: No. 2010614326 "Geoinformation system ITSGIS", No. 2011616028 "ITSGIS. Accounting of the territories", No. 2011616027 "ITSGIS. Dislocation of road signs", etc.

The ribbon interface is developed for convenient operation with desktop front end application. On the main workspace of an application window, the electronic city map is located. There are "Pointer", "Ruler", "Scaling", "Relocation" tools on the main tab. Relocation on a card is carried out by means of map "drag and drop" by the pointing device or by using mini-map in the application window lower right corner. Scaling of a map provided by means of a line of scales in the upper right corner, or by means of a mouse wheel.

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