Software development

Intelcity's main field of activities is Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix tailor-made software development.
In other words we offer development of the brand new computer programs.

For example:


  • Database development (multi-user databases of clients, products, services and other kinds of data).
  • Automated accounting software and business process automation Software development.
  • Development of computer programs in other areas



Sooner or later almost any company has a desire to optimize its production and to reduce costs by using automatic
Development of a program appropriate for your firm's area can let you use automation maximally
You can either create your own programmer's department to develop such a program or use the professional team's
services and order software development in a specialized organization, such as Intelcity.


IntelCity software development

  • We have a great experience in developing automatic systems in areas in which most of ready-made software are useless.
  • You'll get a software required for your business in short period of time with minimum investments and lack of risks.
  • The created automatic systems comply with the requirements of the client maximally.
  • The cost of our software development services depends on the particular order but it is worth noting that our services are available for small and medium business sector.
  • All you need to do is to think about the idea, and we will take care about all the implementation.

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